Hello fellow BNI member!

Thank you for your interest in chapterpints.nl

I saw that your attempt wasn’t working. Please see the linked PDF further down to see for how it was meant to be.

You can edit almost all texts on that sheet and get a result like this PDF from my own chapter “Morgenstond” in Amsterdam, including visitors listed.

Please login on chapterprints.nl (see the top right)

Username: BNI All Stars
(password: sent to your chapter member Reno Derosier via the secure BNI e-mail.)

Then you can just immediately click the “Create kits and placemat” button and receive the up-to-date PDF, without visitors.

(You would have to copy/paste visitors from the Connect-generated Excel sheet into the yellow textfield on the webpage. Other information can be filled in fill in on text fields in the right pane on the web page, or in the profile.)

It’s not difficult once you know how it’s supposed to work. I’d be happy to walk you through the system (Zoom, Teams, Meet) so you can learn how to get the visitors in and how to use the “kits” that will be auto-created.

I do hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

Anton Theunissen

Ant Communications

Tel 0653 157 665

Goudplevier 21

1191 VP  Ouderkerk aan de Amstel