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ARE YOU A BNI MEMBER? GIVE THIS A TRY NOW YOU’RE HERE AND HELP YOUR CHAPTER – As you can see in the top-right vid, it takes less than a minute. Get your data from BNI Connect and paste into the coloured areas – and be amazed with the results. (Not a BNI member? We have formatted Excel sheets that can be used, public webpages may be parsed too if they contain data that need to be formatted, like member lists. Contact us to make it work.)

Paste the MEMBER list for your Meeting Notes Report (BNI placemat) here

Chapters with an account on this site will see their current members automatically listed on the placemat. Unregistered users will have to upload the list manually.The easiest way to do that is to copy/paste the contents of the ‘Reports/Chapter-Meeting Notes Sheet’ pop-up window in BNI Connect, and paste it in the green box. Only after approved registration, numbers and professions will be displayed and you’ll have the option to toggle these on or off.

  1. Select all text of the pop-up, copy and paste into the green box
  2. (Don’t forget to add this weeks’ visitors, copied from BNI Connect in the yellow box)
  3. Click “Create kits and placemat”. The PDF will be sent to the mentioned email address.

Paste your list of VISITORS copied from BNI Connect

    1. Log in to BNI Connect, go to menu ‘Reports ► Chapter’ and click ‘Prospective Visitor Registration Report’ in the left pane
    2. Click “Go”

    1. Either click in the pop-up and select/copy ALL contents, OR:

  1. In the upper right corner, click “Export” (so WITH headers) and let Excel open the downloaded file. (Ignore warnings about the formatting by clicking “Yes”.) Select/copy ALL cells.
  2. Paste into the yellow text area
  3. Click “Create kits and placemat”

Include Memberkits Add a blank kit Placemat only (Zoom)

The PDF will be sent to:
For a short instructional video click here

Welcome, network pro!

Give your BNI Chapter a boost! Here you can create a decent Meeting Notes Report, personalised Table Cards, visitor Badges, Receipts and a Feedback Form for all your precious BNI Chapter visitors in just one single click – well, plus a few keystrokes. If you don’t know why you should, read our Mission page.

Feel free to try for several weeks but make sure you understand benefits of having an account. Registration is just as free as trying it out without an account.
  1. Get your guest data from BNI Connect (see instructions above the green and yellow areas), paste it into the textbox to create the Meeting Tools.
  2. To add the Placemat with member list automatically then you’ll need an account (free trial) and Edit Your Information first..
  3. Add your email address where you want to receive the PDF within a minute or two
  4. Click “Create kits and placemat”
  5. We appreciate it if you leave a comment!

No account yet?

Register now – FREE TRIAL
Free trial: 6 weeks, only pay if you’re satisfied!

Why register?

Your trial period will start when you make your first materials, even if you register later, so:

You can experiment for 6 weeks without registering but you’ll need the extras that come with a registered account, such as:

  • automatic listing of your chapter members on the placemat
  • editable footer areas
  • preprinted price on the visitors receipts
  • correct location mentioned
  • language preference (EN/NL, languages will be added on request)
  • choose page size Letter or A4
  • pre-filled email addressee
  • use the Suffix field to indicate subsitution and/or visiting members from other chapters

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  1. Leo

    Great to work with this convenient and easy to use tool… will recommend it to the chapters I visit. Superb!

    • Anton

      Thanks Leo, The more participants, the more features I will be able to build in!

  2. Eric Olsen

    I found this site via an Internet search and thought it was a great idea to create a handout for my BNI networking chapter. I kind of rushed through the instructions and it printed a roster quickly and very easily. I then got an email from Anton that said the formatting was a bit off because of the way I transferred over the info and attached to that email was a revised, better roster. Thank you, Anton! Your site is highly recommended by me!

    • Anton

      Thanks for your kind words Eric. I hope your chapter(s) will get a boost from using the tools! You may also want to check out the free badge maker under the Create menu. Publicly available, no registration needed. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Colby Moore

    The Leadership Team sets the tone and standards for the whole chapter. And their passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

    • Anton

      You totally nailed it, that’s exactly what a leadership team should be focusing on!

    • Morgenstond

      I second your enthusiasm. These tools, prepared the day or evening before the meeting, help the leadership team to focus on their core activities! All Amsterdam chapters (and some more) have been using the visitor kits for several years now.

  4. Fedde Jasperse

    Fijn om mee te werken! gr Petra

    • Anton

      Dank je! Er zijn weer opties bijgekomen, binnenkort volgt er weer een nieuwsbrief. Tot gauw!

  5. Gastonia

    The upcoming presentations is not working

    • Anton

      Please try again, we just had to update these fields due to an unexpected change in system software. It’s fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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