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Approriate names

We advise you to pick an account name that reflects the name of your group, not your personal name. No spaces allowed. This account name can NOT be changed when you transfer your hosting or printing task to another person. Only use a brand name when you’re allowed to use it for identification of your group. Although we’re not responsible, we will monitor infringements.

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All contact fields should contain your personal info so we can reach out to you soon after your application. These fields can be changed when someone else takes over your hospitality or printing tasks.

You’ll have time to learn more

There will be a lot to digest. More info will follow during the 6-week trial period. Please invest some time in getting to understand the added value. After that, preparing corporate meeting tools will only cost you a few minutes. If you decide to maintain your subscription after the trial period, the price will be € 280,- per year. If not, no problem at all and no harm done.

Thank you!

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